A less is more approach is key in effective delivery of this therapy so don’t be alarmed if I do very little. Bowen procedures initiate your body’s self-healing mechanism, and this needs time to be absorbed and processed. Remember, don’t work hard, work smart!

Before a treatment…

Being hydrated is the first base of good health; just 2% dehydration causes 20% loss of brain function!
Bowen therapy triggers nerve responses in the body that can only be 100% effective in a hydrated body. Remember to drink some water before your appointment. Please fill out my Client Info Sheet PDF and bring to your first appointment.

Bowen is usually best done on skin, though can be done through thin, light clothing. So please wear appropriate underwear or clothing. (At my first appointment, I turned up in Thai fishermans pants, often worn without underwear. So when the therapist, Nicola Hok, asked me to undress, I was a little hesitant. Luckily, Thai fisherman’s trousers are very thin, so she could work through them…)

During the treatment…

The session will consist of a series of light moves performed over specific points of your body, interspersed with short breaks where I leave the room. (The short breaks are a key part of Bowen, allowing time for your body to respond to the treatment) Many of my clients talk of physical responses between moves such as greater body awareness, fizzing sensations or feeling like my hands are still on the body, even though I’ve left the room. Some of my clients have actually felt the body aligning itself under the skin!

It is vital, that I let these responses cease before continuing. To work through these reactions seriously undermines the technique. Remember, less is more!


The days following a treatment are important and any dietary recommendations I give, or follow up exercises should be considered as part of the treatment. Failure to do these can impair treatment. Please read the Aftercare PDF very carefully.

  • Client info sheet PDF and DOC
  • Aftercare PDF